Executive LeaderSpeak®

A portfolio of key building blocks that assures engagement and influence with any audience, large or small.

Nobody else has the Executive LeaderSpeak® program — it’s evidence-based, measurement-driven and outcome-focused. We attribute much of its success to our award-winning research, distilled from multiple disciplines including management science, cognitive science and strategic communication. The program is built on three foundation stones:
  • An initial Speakcheck® assessment of a current or upcoming presentation, speech or meeting to benchmark the leader’s current level of leadership communications capability.
  • A series of individual, 90-minute leadership communication sessions, customized to address Speakcheck’s findings and build the specific knowledge and skill essential to strengthening that leader’s impact and influence.
  • A final Speakcheck on an upcoming communication to corroborate the learning and quantify the leader’s resultant increase in leadership communications effectiveness.
When learned and applied, the Executive LeaderSpeak® Program shows remarkable increases in the executive’s ability to achieve effective results.