We’re proud to have developed the first definitive, evidence-based means of assessing how effectively leaders speak. Here are some of the questions we’re asked by clients, and we welcome any others you may have.

Does Speakcheck® apply just to formal speeches, or will it measure presentations as well?

Speakcheck assesses any spoken communication — speeches, presentations, media interviews, debates, meetings — any vehicle through which a leader communicates. One of our clients even asked us to run a Speakcheck on the text of a speech; although it didn’t pick up some of the elements of delivery, it still assessed more than 120 elements critical to the effectiveness of the leader’s communication.

What does Speakcheck® measure?

Speakcheck measures both the content and delivery of a leader’s spoken communication. It assesses more than 150 different components of leadership communication, all of which are critical to a leader’s ability to speak in the way that engages and influences others. It goes way beyond presentation and public speaking skills. Speakcheck determines whether what the leader said, and how he or she said it, resonates with the listeners and influences them to think and act in the way that helps realize the leader’s vision, mission, goals or objectives. Although mostly quantitative, there is also a qualitative portion which identifies the key messages conveyed in the communication and compares them to the ones the leader intended to deliver.

How is Speakcheck® used?

Speakcheck can be used to validate the effectiveness of a past or upcoming key communication. However, most of our clients choose to use it to strengthen that critical competency of leadership — communications capability — in either themselves or other executive leaders in their organizations. The initial Speakcheck benchmarks current capability and pinpoints precisely what is impeding the leader’s ability to engage and influence the audience.  It tells leaders what “they don’t know they don’t know”, much of which originates from the discipline of management science. By building their knowledge and skill, leaders are then able to design their communications to be effective without fail — even at a moment’s notice.

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Is Speakcheck® enough on its own, or do we need your LeaderSpeak program?

It’s entirely your choice. The most frequent comment we hear from clients upon receiving their Speakcheck results is how comprehensive it is. Some clients take its findings and recommendations and integrate them into their communications themselves. Others recognize the unique body of knowledge underpinning Speakcheck and prefer us to work with them, one-on-one or in groups, through our LeaderSpeak programs to build their understanding and skill at applying it to their communications.

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Who are your clients?

Our clients are C-suite executives and other senior leaders in the corporate, not-for-profit, government and political sectors. Though they come from a range of organizations and industries, they all share a role in which effective leadership communication is integral to realizing their business goals and objectives.

What research is embedded in the diagnostic?

The standards on which Speakcheck measures were assembled from an in-depth assessment of a broad spectrum of leaders: historic and contemporary; corporate, political, professional, spiritual, and academic. The seminal knowledge underpinning Speakcheck is drawn from multiple disciplines, including management science, organizational behaviour, strategic communications, rhetoric and cognitive science.

How does it work?

A certified individual listens to the communication, either live in the room or via webcast, DVD or other broadcast, and then completes the diagnostic using Speakcheck’s software. Each of the 150 Speackcheck components is measured individually and assigned a numeric score. The individual findings are also grouped into 10 categories: one conveys the skilled knowledge essential to speaking in general; the other nine categories are distinct to a leader’s ability to engage and influence others. All of the results are analyzed and detailed in a report that includes a customized action plan for that leader.

Does it only measure a communication delivered live?

Speakcheck is designed to be applied to any spoken communication, delivered live, webcast or recorded. 

How accurate is it?

Speakcheck has been systematically tested to ensure scores are valid, consistent and universal. The software-based diagnostic incorporates numerous elements that mitigate any possible subjectivity to ensure the reliability of all scores. The findings are benchmarked against a standard which has been determined by an in-depth assessment of a broad spectrum of effective leaders.

How objective is it?

Speakcheck is conducted only by individuals who are trained and certified as Speakcheck evaluators. The objectivity and validity of Speakcheck scores is ensured by the rigorous standards met by all of those authorized to conduct Speakcheck evaluations. After thorough training, individuals must achieve and maintain consistent scores against benchmark leadership communications in order to become certified.

How are the results conveyed?

All of the findings, including an overall score, individual scores and cluster scores, as well as detailed recommendations, are contained in a confidential, comprehensive report. We then take you through the report and its findings, providing detailed feedback, recommendations and an action plan to achieve an immediate and lasting increase in effectiveness.

Who sees the results?

The results are entirely confidential and are only shared with the client and those of the client’s choosing.

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