LeaderSpeak Programs






In today’s world, when the wrong word or phrase can trigger a tsunami of fallout, any leader who fails to take effective communication seriously pays a heavy price.

That’s especially true of high performing leaders, and those who aspire to be. Being a “good” public speaker is no longer enough. Today, more than ever, leaders need to be effective at strategic leadership communication. That is, they need to be fluent in the distinct ways that leaders use language and action to engage and influence others.

We call it LeaderSpeak™ – a unique discipline based on the management science principles and practices that distinguish high performing leaders. And we offer it to senior leaders privately through our Executive LeaderSpeak™ Program, and to other managerial leaders, and/or the professionals who support them, through our Essential LeaderSpeak™ Program.

Designed by award-winning, learning design experts, both LeaderSpeak programs are evidence-based, outcome-driven, and measurable.

Our unique, multi-media, LeaderSpeak programs distill what it is that leaders need to do in order for their followers to listen, understand, and think and act in the ways that fulfill the leaders’ goals and objectives.

LeaderSpeak has been proven to dramatically strengthen the leadership communication skills of individual leaders in industry, government, political and not-for-profit sectors, resulting in:

  • Greater certainty in ability to engage and influence others
  • New and bigger leadership opportunities
  • Accelerated operational results, including increased revenues
  • Higher levels of stakeholder engagement
  • Enhanced reputations for both the leaders and their organizations


For more information about either our Executive LeaderSpeak or Essential LeaderSpeak programs, please click here to download our brochure.