What makes us Different

We are in the business of leadership communication assessment, learning and counsel.

We strengthen a leader’s communication through a unique evidence-based, measurement-driven and outcome-focused approach.

We’re more than program or product-centred, we’re relationship-driven.

We proceed from a unique, self-built knowledge base that is unrivalled in the field of executive communication, our mission: to nurture our clients’ effective use of one of the most potent tools that exists in business.

To that end, we have learned that every executive is different and that to apply a cookie-cutter approach to everyone ultimately compromises the integrity and authenticity so vital to credible leadership.

That’s why our key programs are customized and delivered privately, one-on-one.

And they’re evidence based, measurement-driven and outcome-focused.

It’s this kind of thinking that has enabled us to contribute immeasurably to our client’s success and helped us harvest a healthy crop of business communication awards along the way.