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We ensure executive leaders speak
with greater impact
by being outcome-focused
and measurable.

Our Offer

Today more than ever, communications is a critical competency of leadership. The ability of a leader to communicate to key stakeholders will ultimately determine that leader’s scope of influence and the outcomes he or she is able to achieve.

It goes way beyond public speaking.  There are distinct things leaders need to do in their communications in order to engage and influence others.  We call lit strategic leadership communication, and we’ve assembled a seminal body of knowledge on it, drawn from multiple disciplines, that is little known or understood.

It’s embedded in our proprietary Speakcheck® diagnostic, and integrated into all of the programs and services we offer to executive leaders either one-on-one or within groups.

Speakcheck® is unique in the marketplace in measuring the effectiveness of a leader’s ability to speak to engage and influence followers.  As that effectiveness increases, so does the leader’s ability to influence outcomes.

The value to our clients is not only in the application of Speakcheck, but in our expertise at analyzing the results, identifying the areas of improvement, and then working with clients to implement changes that are tailored to achieve their specific goals and objectives.

Speakcheck in itself is a powerful diagnostic tool that becomes the secret weapon in any leader’s arsenal. However, some of our clients also like to work with us, one-on-one or in groups, to build their capability at speaking so as to engage and influence others.

As a result, we provide four distinct and complementary offerings:

If you want to increase your leadership influence and impact – whether to better your organization or the world at large – we would be delighted to share this expertise with you.

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