Business success should be measurable. How business leaders speak should be measurable too.

It is an award winning, state of the art, proprietary diagnostic tool. It has already begun to reshape how the dynamics of impact and influence can be harnessed in effective speaking. Speakcheck is not just another subjective opinion, however expert. It is grounded, objective and comprehensive. Speakcheck is resolutely communication-specific, assessing both the content and delivery of a single communication on more than 150 essential elements of ‘leadership speaking’. It will tell you where you soar, and precisely where to focus on strengthening your proposition and delivery. It may point out the need to add more substance or knowledge; it may uncover subtle impedance that is preventing others from listening, understanding and responding. Speakcheck also groups the elements of any address into 10 discernible categories critical to meaningful engagement. All findings are detailed in a comprehensive report that includes a customized action plan to acquire and improve essential skills. An integral part of our measurement-driven, Executive LeaderSpeak program, Speakcheck can also be used as a stand-alone diagnostic to assess the impact of a single speaking event such as an Annual General Meeting or key media interview.