The power of ‘brand’ in the modern marketplace is undeniable.

BrandAttuned is the evidence-based tool that assesses how effectively executive leaders speak on brand

The necessity for the modern executive to reflect the values of the organization’s brand through speech is quickly becoming a cornerstone of how we define leadership in this age.

BrandAttuned helps ensure the value of the executive’s role as a motivating and authentic ambassador of the organization’s most precious asset: the brand it lives by.

BrandAttuned is a supplementary module which is added to Speakcheck. It ensures that the effective alignment of an executive’s speech is in accord with the governing principles of the corporate brand. Customized and based on the company’s specified brand attributes and characteristics, BrandAttuned delivers a brand-conscious assessment of a leader’s synergy with the brand she or he represents.

BrandAttuned is engineered to tune the spoken communication of an organization’s leadership ‘on brand’.

BrandAttuned begins with a translation of your key brand characteristics, those that define and distinguish your organization’s brand, into measurable BrandAttuned attributes. These are then used in conjunction with other essential brand attributes to assess how effectively you and other executive leaders in your organization speak ‘on brand’ in your leadership communication.