Our Unique Approach

Evidence Based

When it comes to proving the effectiveness of any tool or capability, anecdotal success isn’t enough. Our clients rightly feel the same way when measuring the effectiveness of their own business. The fact that we’re able to employ diagnostic evidence to prove the effectiveness of our approach therefore makes a compelling case for the value we bring. It’s a distinguishing factor that speaks to the integrity of our work. A hard-won asset born from the exhaustive research we’ve invested in through our years in this field.  

Measurement Driven

Our award-winning Speakcheck® diagnostic measures how effective speaking influences others to listen, understand and respond. Speakcheck measures over 150 essential elements of effectiveness — both in content and delivery. Every engagement in our Executive LeaderSpeak® program begins with an initial Speakcheck to benchmark the leader’s current level of capability and ends with a final Speakcheck to corroborate the transfer of knowledge and skill and ultimately to quantify the leader’s increase in effectiveness.  

Outcome Focused

It goes without saying that a leader’s spoken communication should support and drive outcomes that realize goals and objectives. In working one-on-one with our executive clients, we help identify these all-important desired outcomes upfront in order to accurately gauge their impact once they’re delivered. In the years we’ve been in business, we’re proud to say that every one of our clients strengthened their impact and influence by applying the principles and practices of our Executive LeaderSpeak®. These outcomes included:
  • Advancement of leadership goals and objectives.
  • Strengthened leadership presence and authority.
  • Increased visibility and credibility both internally and externally.
  • Enhanced personal reputation of the leader as well as that of the collective organization.